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Palm Ghosts spring tour, new releases and reviews

Palm Ghosts have so much going on right now. They have just booked a Spring tour in support of their awesome new album, 'I Love You, Burn In Hell', starting on 16th March in Dayton, Ohio and ending on 16th June in Nashville, Tennessee.

Also, starting a month from now, they will begin releasing a series of songs, one at a time, every two weeks, that will end up populating four EPs and ultimately a double LP by the end of the year.

The band will also put out four cover songs throughout the year that will hopefully raise a bit of money for different charities they care about in partnership with Sweet Cheetah Publicity

As usual, each song will have a video by Benjamin Douglas and the EPs and LP will have original artwork by the talented Unexpected Specter, who does all of their t-shirt designs.

The songs will span different genres and moods, and each one will take you on a completely different journey.

Palm Ghosts will see you out there on the road, so be sure to check their tour schedule. And if you don't already have their album, you really need to get it. Don't take our word for it, read these latest reviews:

Thoughts Words Action - "A charming expedition through the rich landscapes of the seventies and eighties post-punk, goth rock, darkwave, and cold wave. With a modern twist, this seasoned group of musicians has crafted a collection that stands out in the contemporary post-punk scene. From the first note, it’s clear that Palm Ghosts has carefully planned every aspect of this album."

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative - "Palm Ghosts emerges as a luminous thread, weaving together dreamy atmospheres, introspective lyrics, and a sonic palette that transcends genres."

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