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Piledriver headline

Piledriver will be headlining the big HC show this Saturday in Baguio City!

See you all at Carantes Ancestral Forest on July 30. Time to represent the City of Pines!

Supported by Dead On Arrival, Refuse, Decimator, 4th Lucid, Bison, Forge, No Name, GoonPlatoon, Positive One and Dyslocated. This should be HC family fun.

Piledriver have been honing their show at so many gigs recently and have copies of 'Constant Battles' to sell as well as brand new mercy in their official online merch store here:

#piledriver #hardcore #pdmerch #lagunahardcore #pd24 #engineerrecords

Engineer Records, Lazer Music, Tone Room, CrankMusicRelief. #NotJustBoysFun

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