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Signal Chords shout-out for The Atlantic Union Project release

Big THANKS to SignalChords for a shout-out and adding The Atlantic Union Project to their playlists.

As they say, The Atlantic Union Project '3,482 Miles' EP will be out on 12" vinyl, CD and digital on September 9, 2022 via Engineer Records (UK), Sell The Heart Records (US) and Shield Recordings (EU).

"For US folks, there are only handful of vinyls left for pre-order!

For me personally, a MUCH anticipated record and I can’t wait to get it!

'Soon To End' is single #3 off this record, with each one, better than next. All 3 can be found on our Offical Playlist on @spotify!

HUGE thanks to Craig for being a stand up guy and doing me a solid for the shout out! Respect"

Plus new playlists and reviews at:

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