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The 1984 Draft gig posters

Check out these beautiful show posters from recent The 1984 Draft gigs...

Their new album 'Best Friends Forever' is getting rave reviews and flying out so grab a copy soon.

You can read about it here in Thoughts Words Action or here in The Firenote magazine.

And here's the recent review from Suspect Device fanzine:

THE 1984 DRAFT - “Best Friends Forever” LP Engineer Records

I had absolutely no idea who these guys were when I got this sent but good grief this is good stuff!! Can’t beat being blown away by a band you’ve never heard of. They have apparently been around a while it seems, and have released another album and several eps and singles so I will have to check them out for sure! Musically they are mid paced, tuneful, Indie Rock with a hint of country rock along the lines of The Replacements and The Hold Steady, top drawer stuff. They seem to wear their hearts on the their sleeves too 'cause 2 of the songs, one is called "Hold Steady", and one is called “Two Cow Barrage” which is a reference to the band 2 Cow Garage, another great band who they also have a sound of, I really like that, makes me smile, and a guy from that band also helps out with vocals and guitar on a track. One of tracks, “Toledo Strong” has a chorus that is totally stolen from an awesome older band called Piebald, again Like that. Vocals are kind of Hold Steady like too, and all the songs are real good! Cool old photo of 2 girls on the cover to go with the album title, and the vinyl also comes with a download code. Been listening to this one a lot and that will continue.

The 1984 Draft have supported Radar State, Haymarket Riot, Hawthorne Heights, Extra Arms, Relaxer, Signals Midwest, Jon Snodgrass, Shane Sweeney, Ben Nichols of Lucero, Crooks on Tape, Dead Rider, Maps and Atlases, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife, Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Geoff Rickly of Thursday, Six Gallery and more.

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