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Local Sound Focus took some time out of their insanely busy scene schedule to get to grips with 'Mouths to Feed' the new CD EP from Hull-based punk-rock bruisers Zero Cost and declared that "It stretches the envelope of what punk and melodic punk can be; it’s inventive, unexpected and takes your breath away. If you’re a fan of raw, raucous guitars, words with a message, and bands who make their own sound; listen to this, listen to this right now.”

If you want to find out why LSF went loco for 'Mouths to Feed', and let’s face it, who wouldn’t after reading that review, then drop whatever it is you’re doing. Head on over to Engineer Records and grab yourself a copy before Zero Cost explode through the scene stratosphere, sell out, move to Beverly Hills, and join the ranks of the rich and shameless…

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