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The World Is Cursed...

Updated: Jun 20

Letterbombs are a Finnish emo-violence quartet, who have been slicing their way through scenes and obliterating their peers since 2020. After multiple splits and numerous EPs, they are finally ready to unleash their debut album, 'The World Is Cursed...', an 18-minute journey through the five stages of grief that was formulated and cultivated to help spread the cure for global misery.

'The World is Cursed...' will be released on vinyl on the 15th of July by a coalition of labels including Dingleberry Records (Germany), No Funeral Records (Canada), Desperate Infant Records (China), Fireflies Fall (France), Shove Records (Italy),, Pasidaryk Pats Records (Lithuania), and will also be available as a limited release cassette from Semi Collective Records (USA).

There will be two beautiful 12" vinyl variants to the first pressing; a purple / pink marble and a grey with purple & black splashes. 

'Dreamlike Bliss', the first single and video directed by Matti Paulju, released from the album, is centred around the initial stage of grief, denial, in which a once ideal world begins to shatter, and the inevitable loss accompanying its demise starts to take effect will soon beam the band's message of woe across and on every streaming platform.

You have been warned…

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