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Thoughts Words Action review Tess & The Details 'Runaway' album

Tess & The Details have unleashed their debut opus, “Runaway,” a compelling synthesis of melodic punk rock, pop punk, and power pop transcending the genre boundaries. Hailing from the Bay Area, this quartet has crafted a comprehensive collection of that that pay homage to punk’s roots but also inject a fresh, invigorating energy into the scene. From the album’s inception, the guitar work is nothing short of enchanting. A masterful interplay of riffs, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and thematic leads sets the tone, revealing a keen understanding of the genre’s multifaceted history. The infusion of the nineties and noughties influences adds a nostalgic layer, offering a dynamic listening experience that will resonate with both purists and newcomers.

In the meantime, equally complex, vividly hearable, warm-sounding basslines provide the essential heaviness, clarity, and depth. The exceptional drumming commands attention, offering a rhythmic foundation that is both energetic and tastefully intricate. The beats, breaks, fills, and percussive acrobatics dictate the album’s groove and tempo, exhibiting a cohesion that keeps the instrumentation in seamless alignment. Tess Stevens’ exceptional vocal performance catapults “Runaway” to another echelon. Her ability to navigate low, mid, and high registers with such precision and finesse, coupled with a passionate delivery, elevates the entire sonic spectrum. The lyrics, charged with emotion and conviction, add a layer of depth that resonates throughout the album.

It’s nearly impossible to pick standouts, as each composition possesses its own unique allure, but “Canary,” “Runaway,” “Take A Number,” “Unnatural Disaster,” “Jester,” “Johnny,” “Perfect World,” and “St. Of Purgatory” are surely the best in my opinion. Recorded at ModernTone Studios in Lafayette, California, by Jacob Light and expertly mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, the production quality is pristine, allowing every note to breathe and resonate.

Tess & The Details have not only produced a debut that pays homage to the roots of pop punk but positioned themselves as a formidable force in the contemporary scene. “Runaway” is not merely an album; it’s a rock-solid example of the band’s creativity and musicianship, a bold statement that reverberates through the punk rock corridors. “Runaway” by Tess & The Details is a must-listen for every true punk rock fan. “Runaway” arrives on a yellow with black splatter vinyl, housed in a high-quality gatefold. It’s available via Engineer Records in the UK, so head to their web store and treat yourself to this gem.

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