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Video premiere: Wake up from the 'Friday Monster' in new video by Flamsteed

Barcelona punks Flamsteed are still flying high off of their recent LP 'Truths On Demand', released this past November on Engineer Records (UK), Goldmine Records (CAN) and Deal With Hate Records (ESP). So why not extend the love a bit longer with a video, and TGEFM is super honored to premiere it for you!

Put to film is the song 'Friday Monster' from that LP. As the band explains: "The song talks about an experience, probably just a dream; It’s a Friday night and a monster appears suddenly in your room. You’re totally paralysed but conscious at the same time. You’re trying to react, absolutely terrified – anything can happen. Finally you wake up, just glad to survive."

The video plays out in this weird dream-world, too. We’ve all been there (don’t lie).

See the video premiere on That's Good Enough For Me now.

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