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We're in this Together!

Recent events have revived the age-old belief that you can achieve more together than alone. This goes for both global events, the music industry and the way we deal with our bands.

There's been massive anticipation for this new album, and now the LPs and CDs have arrived you can take a peek at how they look and order your copy now.

There's even an 'advance view' video of the new releases on Antillectual's Facebook page.

Antillectual have been pre-releasing the new songs on 'Together' one-by-one to gain massive support for the release, and reviving some tracks they'd already released. The latest is 'ACTION REACTION', an eerie, down-tuned composition inspired by a pop track (Dancing on My Own by Robyn) discussing how polarisation fuels populism. A spoiled elite is trying to win over the hearts and minds of a tormented population. It's time to win these people back; keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Antillectual are on tour now, promoting the new record and reminding us that we're in this together, we cant do it alone. Check out the date son the tour poster above and look out for more.

Listen to the new tracks on spotify here:

Grab your own copy of ‘Together’ and take inspiration from wherever you can get it!

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