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Wounded by Ghosts

Ghost Wounds from Eastern Pennsylvania, a band comprised of ex-members of Speedwell, Meredith Bragg + the Terminals, Carpenter Ant, Sound of Reverse, Wondertaker, and more are about to release their debut seven-inch, 'The Slow Apocalypse' EP,  and before it’s even hit the streets, it’s already reassured  MP3 Hugger that “punk is safe for the time being.”

Built around three incredibly personal songs about national, and global devastation, The Slow Apocalypse is available as a three-song digital release and a two-song seven-inch joint release from Better Living Through Records and Engineer Records.

Ghost Wounds are: Chris Eckhart - Guitar, Vocals Cale Muffley - BassJonathan Roth - Drums, Vocals.

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