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Zero Again are back on the road

Zero Again are back on the road for another run of gigs...

14th July - BRISTOL

15th July - EXETER

5th August - LEEDS

KILLED BY HARDCORE FEST at Boom Leeds playing alongside Dirty Rotten Imbeciles DAYGLO ABORTIONS, VOORHEES, Ona Snop , CHURCHGOERS and Unified Action UKHC

19th August - ROCKAWAY PARK

1st September with NYC grind/punk monsters Disassociate at The Cab in Newport and

3rd September with Discharge at The Vic Inn, Midland Place, Derby.

There's also a Birmingham date booked for early 2024 with Subhumans and Split Dogs thanks to Punks Alive.

You can pick up Zero Again's incredible debit album 'A Deep Appreciation Of Suffering' on CD from Engineer Records or on LP from Sanctus Propaganda.

Check out the latest sweet album review from the legends at DIY Conspiracy here:

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