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9 out of 10 for Tim's outsider

Apathy and Exhaustion review Tim Cundle's 'Compression' punk rock novel on Earth Island Books giving it a 'Tony of Nurgle rating: 9/10'. See what they had to say:

...It’s safe to say that that particular aspect of the book is not autobiographical in any true sense. However, I would speculate that the boyhood dream of achieving fame and/or infamy through the channel of one’s outsider interests may play a role here in providing a back story for the protagonist of the story. I do feel that perhaps other core themes around the central character having historically been something of an outsider, general punchbag and hapless victim of unrequited love whilst haunting the periphery of a shit-bag town doubtless ring true. Perhaps this is also why I also found Michael Flanagan to be not only a believable character, but one I found I could empathise with.

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