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Antillectual's fall tour

Now that Antillectual’s rocking new album ‘Together’ is out and summer festivals have been a blast, it’s time for the band to get back to hitting the clubs!

They’ll be playing fun shows in Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, and we’d love to see you at them!

To spread the word about this TOGETHER tour Antillectual made a music video for Action Reaction.

And of course you can still check out the album physically and digitally.

For all Antillectual tour details, tickets and Facebook events, visit the tour section on their website.

As a bonus announcement they have an Italian tour coming up: Nov 09 Milano Nov 10 Verona Nov 11 Livorno Nov 12 Torino More news about that soon...

If you want to book the band: Get in touch via email!

Action Reaction

Our friend Bram Bergs made a music video for ACTION REACTION to accompany the TOGETHER tour announcement! When releasing TOGETHER this track got a lot of positive feedback even though we never released it as a separate single. Now we’re making up for that with this great video starring your favourite decadent elitist populists! Check out the video on YouTube!


We’re still getting a lot of feedback for Antillectual’s brilliant new album, 'Together’. Some really love hearing the singles in an album context, others appreciate the theme and coherence of the album. To get an LP/CD/tape or check it at Bandcamp, Spotify and all the usual sources, visit the album page on our website! Find shirts and other albums in Antillectual’s webshop.

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