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Break To Broken's 'Man In Black' tribute

Check out Break To Broken's cover of 'Man in Black' by Johnny Cash that they recorded as a tribute to Clint's brother, who passed away recently.

BREAK TO BROKEN formed in October 2020. Eli Nowak and Justin Rauschkolb of New Jersey and Virginia, respectively, were brought together by Clinton Maher, an Aussie looking for like-minded collaborators to help pull through his vision for a virtual music project.

Their ‘Better Half’ EP and ‘War On Sparrows’ LP are superb, and a must for fans of powerful DC style hardcore in the vein of Pegboy, Fugazi, and the like.

You can check out ‘Better Half’ here:

And pick up one of the last vinyl albums from Engineer Records here:

Break to Broken is:

Clinton Maher: Guitar, Vocals

Eli Nowak: Vocals, Drums, Guitar

Justin Rauschkolb: Bass, Guitar/Vocals

For more info on Break to Broken:

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