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Calm.'s 'Dysfunctional Assumptions' out today!

Calm.'s brand new EP, 'Dysfunctional Assumptions' is officially out from today.

It's available on all digital channels and also as a handy CD digipak for rocking your stereo, with a limited edition vinyl on pre-order and available soon.

This storming six track EP burst with energy and originality, and is released by Engineer Records and Sell The Heart Records, with support from Shield Recordings, Waterslide Records and FIA Music Company.

Here's what the band had to say; "Our New e.p Dysfunctional Assumptions is now out! We're all super excited!! All the thanks to everyone who's been part of the process and helped get it out, to @johnxhomefire who without him and all his help this e.p wouldn't have ever seen light of day, he's an absolute legend and a wonderful human being, so a massive thank you to him! Thank you to @joe_parker for the absolutely wonderful artwork yet again, the man always delivers what we want! And a big thank you to @engrecsguy and @selltheheartrecords for their backing and getting it in the public domain! So go listen to it and let us know your favourite track is! Much love. Calm."

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