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Hell Can Wait '2023' CD and more gigs

Hell Can Wait have a had a busy year with gigs, recording, videos and singles.

With the new '2023' digipak CD we collect together their five digital single releases through the year into one CD EP. Releasing a blasting collection of melodic hardcore, and a superb pre-cursor for the album that will follow next year.

Hell Can Wait - 2023 CD tracklist:

Abbey Gardens




Drowning In You

Hell Can Wait will be supporting Atreyu at Chalk Venue Brighton on Thursday 23rd November 2023 alongside The Hurt Process.

Their December tour will be with their mates Rosehill UK and DXWNSIDES at:

06.12.23 - Stoke, Underground (£10 ADV) 07.12.23 - Sheffield, Yellow Arch (FREE) 08.12.23 - Wakefield, Vortex (FREE) 09.12.23 - Birmingham, Subside (FREE BEFORE 9PM) 10.12.23 - Brighton, Latest Music Bar (£10 ADV)

And the HCW boys final show of the year looks likely to be in London at The Black Heart for the first time on Sunday 17th December supporting Polar alongside Swarm6ix and Shoot To Kill. Get there.

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