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R.C. Sullivan's 'Masquerade'

The first single and title track of R.C Sullivan’s upcoming ‘Masquerade’ EP is OUT NOW!


Go find it on your favourite streaming platform. Check it out and let us know what you think!


The entire EP will be out 29th March and also be available on vinyl on Shield Recordings, Dr. Skap. Records and Engineer Records.

R.C. Sullivan will be playing this Saturday at Rock Café Sneek, with the awesome Rocket Fuel and NUFO.

Last chance to check them out before the release of the EP next week on Friday, which will surely launch the band straight into the stratosphere.

As a pre-order, we're stoked to announce the new 7” EP by R.C. Sullivan called ‘Masquerade’ with four brand new and banging punk rock tracks! 


01. Day to Day

02. Chaising Rainbows

03. Masquerade

04. Back in the Game

Pressing info: 

10x Testpress

300x Tranparent Red vinyl

We’ll also have a very special deal! You can order a copy of the Caution 12 inch together with the 7 inch (Normally £5.99) for only a tenner (all together!) How's that for a deal? 

This is a pre-order, release date is set for March 29th! But vinyl will be in stock any day so we'll ship these early! 

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