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Suspect Device review Calm. and Minor Planets CDs

The ever reliable punksters at Suspect Device Fanzine have been spinning some of the new releases from Engineer Records and have managed to scribble reviews for Calm.'s 'Dysfunctional Assumptions' and Minor Planets' 'Neverending Days'...

CALM - Dysfunctional Assumptions CDEP - Engineer

These chaps are from Harrogate it turns out, surely they must know Steve Bombed Out if that’s the case, no? Ok. Anyhoo, this 6 track CDep is the first I am hearing from them and it’s good stuff. The 1st song ‘Obsessive Compulsive” is an ace song to kick things off, a loud, energetic, anthemic tune with great lyrics concerning mental illness, which he explores several times on the EP, which can only be a good thing. Some of the songs and vocals get a bit close to straight up Rock in places but that’s ok, the vocals actually remind me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden in a few places, one of those singers that can actually sing properly! Production is good, really full and powerful sounding. So if you like your Indie Rock/Pop Punk really anthemic and tuneful and a bit Rock, give this a listen. 

Engineer  (si)

MINOR PLANETS - Never-ending Days CDEP - Engineer

A band from Barcelona and members of a few other bands, Flamsteed, Ancora and Torches. Looks like they have released a couple of other songs before putting out this 6 track ep but they’re new to me. Really enjoying this release though, all 6 songs are good, in a Get Up Kids, Menzingers, later Gaslight Anthem melodic indie rock kind of way. Great vocals and harmonies that suit the music perfectly, excellent production making it all sound powerful and it’s mixed perfectly. Great stuff!

Engineer  (si)

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