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The Atlantic Union Project to release 'Trustworthy' video and digital-single

Hard on the heels of their announcement that the new '3,482 Miles' EP will be a co-label release between Engineer Records, Shield Recordings and Sell The Heart Records both on vinyl and CD, and the release of their (much censored, but still achieving over 8k views so far) anti-corruption, inequality and medical-apartheid video single 'The Actuary', veteran hardcore chums 'The Atlantic Union Project' now have a new digi-single and video coming out next week.

There's a quick teaser above, but the full video premiere for 'Trustworthy' will be prying your eyelids open on Tuesday, 22nd March, followed by the digital single, out on all platforms on Friday 25th March. There's a pre-save link here:

Stay tuned!

You can see a trailer video for The Atlantic Union Project's upcoming '3, 482 Miles' EP with short clips of the songs here:

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