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Happy 8th Anniversary to Kid You Not!

Eight years ago today some long time friends got back together in a room and played some music. Originally they planned to restart an older band Patrick, Justin and Ben had played in together many years before. But the music and feelings were different this time. There was something new and special about it. And thus, Kid You Not was born.

If you haven't heard them yet, you really need to, and their new / fourth album, 'Here’s to feelin’ good all the time', is a great place to start! This rocker bursts with ten tracks of powerful positiveness underlined with singalong melodies. It's emotionally driven punk rock in the vein of bands like Neckscars, Tired Radio, Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, Spanish Love Songs and The Menzingers.

Trust us, these guys write catchy hooks that stick deep and rock harder nd after eight years more people should know that.

Go celebrate by picking up some records!

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