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Punk Rock Theory premiere Abermals new video for 'Middle-Aged and Underpaid'

Here's one a lot of us can relate to! The guys at Punk Rock Theory have just premiered the video for Abermals’ new single, ‘Middle-Aged and Underpaid. It is the band’s first new song since 2022's ‘Reasons to Travel’ album and finds the band;  Vocalist/guitarist Chris Späth, bassist Enrique Alarcón and drummer Alberto Abad, writing a song that rocks without any distorted guitars.

Middle-Aged and Underpaid’ is Abermals’ homage to Midwest emo and math rock with plenty of odd time signatures and twangy Lemonheads-infected pop. The lyrics deal with the realities of getting older, by now having surely passed the peak of youthful energy, but nevertheless keeping up good spirits.

The message hasn't changed a bit: You Only Live Once!

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